If you have been following my blog for long then you know that I definitely have some regrets. I’m sure you do as well. Although within the last hour, while reading a few blogs that I follow, I have realized one of my biggest regrets as a Jesus follower.

It was the summer after my 8th grade year and our youth pastor took us to a giant conference here in downtown Phoenix. The conference was called Dare2Share. To be honest, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. There was an awesome band, thousands of kids, lights, skits, and a really passionate speaker. 

None of this do I necessarily regret it was what happened the second afternoon of this conference. Marketed as an evangelism conference for teenagers naturally we did some “evangelism”. We were split into groups and assigned different neighborhoods. We were instructed to go door to door asking for can food for the local homeless shelter. The trick was that upon receiving these peoples wonderful donations we were supposed to slip in the question I hate the most. We were supposed to look these people in the eyes in the doorway of their homes and ask “If you died today, do you know where you would spend eternity?”


It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I was convinced, at this point, that this was the way to tell people about Jesus. Fear tactics. 

It didn’t matter how I acted, or what I said other times, all that mattered was that this person “converted”. I was supposed to tell them about Jesus, not show them Jesus.

This is so backwards and it makes me so uncomfortable to even talk about it. I truly can’t believe that at one point in my life I was that guy.

I wan’t to publicly apologize to those people who’s doorways I invaded. I want to apologize to the people I made feel uncomfortable, or angry. Most of all I want to apologize to the people who saw their first glimpse of Jesus that day.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry if I was the kid who made you turn away from Jesus. I’m sorry if I’m the reason you hate christians and religion. I’m sorry if I was the reason you will never think good things when you hear the name of Jesus.

We as christians should be living like Christ. We should be open and honest about our failures and insecurities. We should embrace our humanness and not be holier than thou. I firmly believe that if we did this, there would be “conversions” left and right. (p.s. I hate that word conversion)

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